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Day off in Placid

March 3, 2010

The day after our fateful attempt on Whiteface and Esther, Dad and I decided to chill out in Placid and recoup.  We did some shopping downtown, hiked to Roaring Brook Falls in near Keene Valley, watched the USA vs Canada hockey game, played some hockey on the hockey box (a free rink adjacent to the speed skating oval) and got a few laps in on the oval.  Unfortunately I managed to delete my pics from this day…nonetheless it was a great time spent with my Dad and a nice day to recoup.


Lake Placid Local

February 26, 2010

So as I’m sitting here blogging in Big Mountain Deli, a parade materializes to celebrate some of the local athletes that have taken home medals in Vancouver.  The olympic spirit here in this town is just amazing.  Local buisness owners’ kids are winning medals, my roommate gets to be the brakeman for bobsled pilots on occasion-I guess 17 local athletes are competing in the games this year!

Here’s some pics from the parade and a shot of the Big Mountain Deli’s menu.  My dear friend Liz first introduced us to Simply Gourmet–Big Mountain is their downtown location.  She raved about the sandwiches, and I thought she was just embellishing–well I must say she was right–this is probably the best spot for a sandwich in Placid.  Their 46 sandwiches are named after the peaks and are ranked in order of prominence.  Eat your way to the top!  I’ve already had some Basin, Saddleback, and Gothics!