Winter Wrap-up 2010: The early season

This winter was one of the best on record.  No, there were no trips to the Sawtooths of Idaho, or the powder laden slopes of Utah’s Wasatch Range.  We didn’t make it to Vermont or the rugged, wind scoured Presidential Range in New Hampshire.  In fact, we never left the state of New York.  To top it all off, the snowfall across the state was well below average.  Wisp resort in Maryland recorded over 250″ of snowfall, while Holiday Valley–in the infamous Lake Erie lake effect band–received only 161″ by season’s end (the average annual snowfall totals for Wisp and Holiday Valley are 100″ and 180″, respectively).

So tell me why was it such a good winter?  Because we got out there–alot.  In December we did a low-key camp and hike at Oil Creek State Park, some kamikaze cross-country skiing at Chestnut Ridge Park near Buffalo, and a Christmas Eve ski and stay at Seven Springs.  Some decent early season snowfall provided us with great cross-country skiing on back-to-back weekends at Art Roscoe Ski Center in Allegany State Park.  All of this was unintentionally preparing us for the first ADK High Peaks trip of the season.


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