Whiteface and Esther Attempt II

With relatively good weather expected, and a beta from a forum post on ADK High Peaks Forums that the herdpath to Esther was broken out, I decided to take another shot at it.  Unlike the first attempt, the sun was shining, visibility was generally good, and the winds were calm–perfect conditions!  I reached the summit in 3.5 hours and spent nearly an hour basking in the sun, taking pictures, and making summit calls to a few family members.

What I didn’t realize is that the herdpath to Esther would still be obscure and challenging–the detour over to Esther and back to the main trail (less than 3 miles) was nearly 3 hours of hunched over hiking, breaking through branches,and getting wet from the snow that was falling off the trees.  Pretty much a nightmare.  The only consolation was a dry polypro shirt for the descent, an Almond Snickers, and the fact that I had finally bagged these two peaks.

If I forget about the trip to Esther…this was a fabulous day!

Stats:  11 miles, 3500′ vertical


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